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Sublime Sublimation! With this process we can decorate polyester fabric items like safety vests, performance T-shirts and garments not just by adding and image to the surface but by actually dying the image right into the fabric. The image must be darker than the fabric.

Where did this company come from?

In 1984 two Calgary business men saw a machine operating at an American trade show. It was imprinting golf balls and curved promotional products which was something they could not yet offer through their screen printing and sign company. It looked like a license to print money so they bought it but, after several frustrating months, they called in a mechanically inclined friend of the family to get their white elephant running.

That was me, an unemployed aircraft mechanic and pilot who likes machines, precision and solving challenges. I got their machine running the first day on the job and I've been providing solutions to graphic problems since 1985. My name is Steve Driediger. Welcome to Miracle Imprint!

Why is "Miracle" in our name?

Well, I can think of a couple of reasons. First, we put graphics in tough spots; in places and on products that customers can visualize but really don't know how it can be done. Second, we often bale customers out when they run out of time. We aim for one to two weeks of production lead time. That's far below factory direct orders where turnaround times can be six to eight weeks or more. Also, we have inks and techniques that allow us to get ink to stick where it's supposed to stick. We give our clients a unique ability to customize the services we offer. Custom decals and fabric printing is one of many services our Canadian based company offers.

Why "Imprint" instead of "print?"

We don't want to be confused with common paper or quick copy companies. We imprint stuff, 3D stuff, like hard hats, safety glasses, flashlights or electronic devices. We imprint a lot of different things but not letterhead or business cards. Need a business report? We're not your guys. We do weird and wonderful, not common or conventional.

Do we print money?

We actually have been asked to imprint special coins and medallions but we leave the paper stuff to the government. They're kind of possessive that way. As for my company being a "license to print money", well, it usually costs us about nine cents to make a dime.


Tel. (403) 243-6306
Fax. (403) 243-8029
4030 - 4 Street S.E.
Calgary, AB, Canada
T2G 2W4